12 supplements and 16 ways to avoid and treat depression and anxiety

Avoiding depression and anxiety in order not to need permanent treatments.

        Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression according to the World Health Organisation. Obliviously in reality they’re far more than that as in many parts of the world people are not treated and not part of any statistics.

        It is very important to learn to avoid depression as a permanent illness because it is increasingly scientifically proven that it can be done.

What is depression and how it settles in our life’s

        The doctors define depression as a mood disorder which causes persistent feeling at sadness and lack of vitality and interest in living. They also believe that the causes of depression in general are

-chemical imbalance in brain

– genetic vulnerability

-medical problems

-certain treatments and medication

-stressful life events.

        Is not yet totally understood which is the switch that triggers the depression. It is instead fully accepted that depression and anxiety are rather generated from a cumulus of causes from different stages of life, not necessarily actual. There is a clear interrelationship between depression and physical health so once again we reiterate the idea that a holistic approach is an answer to depression as well as all the other medical problems.

       So trying to avoid or control the causes could help to avoid long time episodes of depressions.

20 ways to avoid and treat depression

1.Increasing the adaptability. Adaptability is the ability to quickly respond to changing environmental factors and unexpected situations and life events. Depression is more common in individuals with adaptability problems. We can increase our adaptability by learning to:

    – accept changing situation

     -taking the risk

     -be open mind

     -be flexible

Permanently learn new skills and stay up to date with the progress of technology and science not just strictly in your job.

2.Build healthy relationships in family and workplace. In this way, the conflictual situation can be avoided or minimized.

3.Learn to know yourself, your family predisposition to depression, and your reaction to different stressful situations.

4.Take care of your health and increase your immunity.

5.Exercise regularly.

6. Cut back on social media time. Learn to live and be happy with your life not setting some kind of too high expectation following different models.

7.Minimize your daily choices. “For many of us, our lives are filled with choices. Which outfit do we wear, and should we buy yogurt or eggs or bagels or English muffins or sausage for breakfast? The pressure of making the right — or wrong — choice is thought to contribute to depression.

8.Reduce the stress

9.Have a good sleep hygiene.

10.Maintain a healthy weight, avoiding both extremes, and setting realistic expectations according to your body type and personal circumstances.

11.Manage chronic condition and pay particular attention to any inflammatory process in your body.

12.Read prescription medication side effect and discuss them with your doctor

13.Regularize alcohol consumption. While a small amount can help to relax, increasing consumption is a major threat to your health and can lead to depression.

14.Give up smoking.

15.Learn to cope with unavoidable depression triggers. If you know you have to attend a sad event anniversary, ask for support for such a time. Find somebody to be beside you in such a time and prepare yourself mentally.

16.Eat healthy and use supplements that are proved to help with general well-being and depression in particular.  

12. Supplements used to avoid or treat depression and anxiety

1 . Omega 3-fatty acid is a great help for health in general and for depression in particular.

2.Vitamines B complex is a great option to avoid and adjuvant in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

3.Vitamines D can help in alleviating depression symptoms, not exceeding 600 international units per day.

4.Saffronn is used for centuries in herbal medicines for relaxation

5. SAMe is a dietary supplement that proved useful in depression, osteoarthritis, heart diseases, ADHD, and seizure.

6.Tryptophan is a protein builder block increase serotonin levels and eases the symptoms of depression.

7.St.John’s wort has been used for centuries in herbalism including for depression.

8.CBD Oil is one of the newest options in treating depression but is one that looks very promising.

9.Ginseng is known to regulate the immune response and the hormonal change due to stress, helping in this way in depression.

10.Coenzima Q10 helps in depression, increase energy and well being.

11.Reverastrol is another antioxidant that shows promising results in treating depressions ad anxiety.

12.Blue-green algae, is also helpful in controlling the depression and anxiety.

Bottom line 

       Like any other medical condition, it is easier and desirable to prevent than to treat depression and anxiety. Taking good care of your health and well being from the very early stage of your life is the answer to many medical conditions.

       Anxiety and depression should be approach in a holistic way for better results.

       Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, never replace your prescript medication with supplements without your doctor’s advice. 



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