About us


We are here for you and anybody looking to find a way to live the fullness of life whatever their medical condition is.

We wish to create a place and a community in which to help and support people who deal with medical issues whatever those are.

We want to be a bridge from a highly specialized medical language to a plain, primary language hoping to help better understand medical problems.

Living with a diagnosis, or treating an illness is more than getting into a doctor’s cabinet, listening to the treatment scheme, and following ad litteram. It is very important to understand that we are part of a much broad community than it looks like. There are many millions of people around the globe who have and live with the same problem.

It is also very important to learn that there are many other things that can help, complementary, as much as the main treatment does.

Our aim is to learn to live healthy in illness.

Thank you for showing interest in our page and see you again.

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