Slow down the aging clock with Coenzyme Q10

What is coenzyme Q10 ?

     Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant naturally produce by human body

and stored into the mitochondria of cells. It is part of the electron transport system and aerobic cellular respiration process which generates the most part of body energy.

    Another major role of Coenzyme q10, or Ubiquinone how is also named,  is to protect cells from oxidative stress.

    Healthy people’s bodies with a balanced diet get enough amounts of Coenzyme Q 10 up to the age of 30.

    After this age, the amounts decreased gradually. Somehow the first signs of body aging occur at the same time.

     The medical world still has to find the answer to what is the cause and what is the effect in the relation between the level of Q10 and the aging process and some diseases.

  Where from the body can take the Coenzyme Q10?

      Up to the age of 30, a balanced diet will suffice to provide a healthy body the right amount of Ubiquinone.  It is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance and is present in many foods.

       The list of foods rich in Coenzyme Q10 is open by organs, meats, and fishes. The beef heart has the largest concentration followed by liver and muscle. In the same order but with less concentration are the pork heart, liver, and muscle. Fish are also a rich source of Ubiquinone with red flesh mackerel in top followed by sardines. In the case of chicken after the hearts and liver, the richest part in Coenzyme Q10 is the thigh.     

       The redder the meat, the richer in coenzyme q 10.

        Another rich source of Coenzyme Q10 is the oil of any types and the nuts.

        Few vegetables also contain small amounts of coenzyme Q10 like parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. Avocado is the richest fruit in Ubiquinone.

        For vegetarian and vegan diets supplements are indicated as well as for the older and people with medical conditions particularly heart-related.

        Frying food reduce the amount of Coenzyme Q10  by almost 40%.

Diseases associated with low level of Ubiquinone

          Heart failure is a cardiac condition generated by coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, obesity, or diabetes. Heart get gradually or sometimes suddenly enable to contract and relax to pump enough blood to the body.

          Patients sufferings of such a condition  show very low level of CO10.

          ” A number of controlled pilot trials with supplemental CoQ10 in heart failure found improvements in functional parameters such as ejection fraction, stroke volume, and cardiac output, without side effects. 

          ” Particularly in light of the excellent tolerance and affordability of this natural physiological compound, supplemental CoQ10 has emerged as an attractive option in the management of heart failure and merits evaluation in additional large studies. From <>

          Cancer of any type has been associated with a low level of Coenzyme Q10 present in the body. This is probably because is CO10 plays a role in the protection of cells’ DNA and the survival of the cells.

           Some studies suggest that including CO10 in therapies for melanoma induce a significant rate of recurrence: “Long-term administration of an optimized dose of recombinant interferon-alpha-2b in combination with coenzyme Q10 seemed to induce significantly decreased rates of recurrence and had negligible adverse effects. “From <>

          Diabetes is also associated with low level of Coenzyme Q10.

          Supplementation of CO10 proved to help in glycemic control and improve the cholesterol in patients with Diabetes type II.

           Dysfunctional of mitochondria is a cause of brain cell death as well as diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.CoQ10 shows protective action against oxidative damages and is used to bust memory, cognition, and slowing the progression of brain diseases.

           Patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease( COPD) or asthma also show a low level of coenzyme Q10. Supplementation of Q10 reduces the inflammation and improves the oxygenation of tissue and the heart rate.

           A clinical trial from January 2010 shows:

           “Deficiency of CoQ10 may be common in pediatric and adolescent migraine. Determination of deficiency and consequent supplementation may result in clinical improvement. Further analysis involving more scientifically rigorous methodology will be required to confirm this observation.

From <>

            Some studies made on rats shows that Co10 can attenuate cartilage deterioration and the joint pain in Osteoarthritis(OA).

Supplementation of Q10 on healthy individuals.

           In a study carried on by Baylor University financed by Pharma Base SA(Switzerland), was demonstrated that ” a fast-melt CoQ10 formulation appears to be a safe dietary supplement that tended to increase the duration of exercise to exhaustion in healthy untrained and trained individuals. Acute supplementation with CoQ10 resulted in higher muscle CoQ10 concentration and lower serum SOD oxidative stress during and following exercise. The observed increase in exercise performance could be due to a combination of enhanced oxidative phosphorylation within the mitochondria and/or enhanced antioxidant protection

From <   

        Is in generally already accepted that  Co10 play a major role in maintaining healthy, bright and clear skin by -helping the cells to clear out the toxins

                       -reducing the damaging sun effect

                       -reducing the wrinkles and fines lines

                       -stimulate production of elastin and collagen

                       -blocking tyrosinase CO10 prevent dark spots

       Male and female fertility can be also improved by supplementing Ubiquinone

 Bottom line

            Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinone), has already proved that is one of the most active antioxidants

 which can help human body in reducing  free radicals and oxidative stress in body cells

             Medical world should give a much more attention and more researches in order to can be used safely.

              Always medical advice should be taken when supplements are added into the diet for all the persons under medication, pregnant, or breastfeeding.


We are here trying together to find the best way in the journey for - recovering from illness - living with a diagnostic -avoiding the infirmity and weakness

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