Therapies derived from natural elements that heal and improve the body’s functionality

Natural elements in healing body therapies

      From  ancient times the people has study the natural elements.

In almost all ancient cultures they identified 4  natural elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

      They believed that the human body was created from those 4 elements and after death, it must return into these elements.

       The natural elements were also used to create different therapies to heal and maintain the health of the human body. All these therapies broke through millennia, suffering changes and modernization, being still an important part of modern alternative medicine.

Earth-derived therapies

        Clay has been and still uses internally and externally for treating illnesses. All clays are very rich in different traces of minerals, @ 75 in different concentrations depending on the locations where come from.

       Clay proved to be useful in treating skin and is still part of many cosmetic products and procedures.

        On roman culture clay was used for relaxing muscle.

         It is also used in reducing pain related with arthritis and rheumatism.

         Internally clay proves to be effective in supplementation of calcium as look to be better absorbed by the bones:  “The effects of weightlessness on the human body were studied by NASA in the 1960s. Experiments demonstrated that weightlessness leads to rapid bone depletion, so various remedies were sought to counter that. A number of pharmaceutical companies were asked to develop calcium supplements, but apparently none of them were as effective as clay. The special clay that was used in this case was Terramin, reddish clay found in California. Benjamin Ershoff of the California Polytechnic Institute demonstrated that the consumption of clay counters the effects of weightlessness. He reported that “the calcium in clay …is absorbed more efficiently … [clay] contains some factor or factors other than calcium which promotes improved calcium utilization and/or bone formation.” He added, “Little or no benefit was noted when calcium alone was added to the diet.”[26]

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        Clay is also used in like a remedies in digestive tract problems.

        Physical manipulation of clay is also used like an active form of psychotherapies.

        Mud is another natural element coming from the earth with many benefits for health.

        Mud is in general found on areas where the volcanic ash comes in to contact with spring waters.        

        Is very popular in the high end spa used like bath of mud, masks, wraps.

        Therapies with mud show to be effective by improving circulation and metabolism. It is used in treating migraines, skin conditions, rheumatism, and arthritis.

       Many cosmetics use mud for improving the quality of skin and hair.

       Salt which  could be found in salt mines is also used in halo therapies.

      It is claimed that salt therapies like aerosols improve general well-being and immune system, relieves the symptoms of the cold. Increases respiratory capacity and helps in allergy and skin problems.

 Water- derivative therapies

   In the body, composition water is about three quarters and is playing a major role in body functionality.

      Drinking water is the most common therapies, generally accepted to be beneficial for the human body.

      Hydrotherapies are using water’s physical and chemical properties to treat different medical conditions.

       Water pressure is used like water jets, underwater massage, and showers helping in improving blood circulation, muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage. Purified water is also used for irrigations.

       Water temperature is used like hot and cold baths, sauna, and more recently to cryotherapy.

      Chemical composition of water is also used in therapies like drinking mineral waters, bathing in mineral waters. According to Wikipedia: “Balneotherapy” is the practice of immersing a subject in mineral water or mineral-laden mud; it is part of the traditional medicine of many cultures and originated in hot springs, cold water springs, or other sources of such water, like the Dead Sea. Balneotherapy may involve hot or cold, water, massage through moving water, relaxation, or stimulation. Many minerals waters at spas are rich in particular minerals such as silicasulfurselenium, and radium.

     Balneotherapy may be recommended for a wide range of illnesses, including arthritis skin conditions and fibromyalgia.

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 Air-derivatives therapies

     Ozone therapy, or ozone therapy, is a form of treatment used for more than a century, in order to increase the degree of oxygenation of tissues. The main effects of therapy are those of improving metabolism, detoxification, stimulation of immune function, and repair mechanisms in the body.

      Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen carried by the blood, an increase that restores the normal concentration of oxygen in the affected tissues and promotes anti-inflammatory and anti-infective processes.

Fire-derivatives therapies

     Heat: By increasing the temperature of the skin/soft tissue, the blood flow increases by vasodilatation. The metabolic rate and tissue extensibility will also increase. Heat increases oxygen uptake and accelerates tissue healing, it also increases the activity of destructive enzymes, such as collagenase, and increases the catabolic rate.

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  “Huo Liao” is an ancient, Tibetan application of an extraordinarily simple Tao principle that consists of the local use of the heat of the fire to intensify the flow of vital energy in the body, on certain paths of the meridians. The heat transmitted directly to some energy meridians stimulates the deficit points, so to speak, up to the harmonic balance of each Ki.


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