The vaccine, the help of immunity, the cornerstone in preventing and treating Covid 19.

 What is the immunity?

      Immunity is a complex and well-organized army of the body that has the role of preventing invasion and fighting invaders once they reach the body. This complex system has the ability to identify and trigger defense against any stranger harmful microorganisms that come in contact with our body.

     The divisions of this army are made up of organs, white blood cells, networks, antibodies, and complex proteins.

       Immunity has two distinct components, one innate and one adaptive

      ” Innate immunity, also known as native immunity, is a semi-specific and widely distributed form of immunity. It is defined as the first line of defense against pathogens, representing a critical systemic response to prevent infection and maintain homeostasis, contributing to the activation of an adaptive immune response. It does not adapt to a specific external stimulus or prior infection but relies on genetically encoded recognition of particular patterns.

       Adaptive or acquired immunity is the active component of the host immune response, mediated by antigen-specific lymphocytes. Unlike innate immunity, the acquired immunity is highly specific to a particular pathogen, including the development of immunological memory. Like the innate system, the acquired system includes both humoral immunity components and cell-mediated immunity components.

Adaptive immunity can be acquired either ‘naturally’ (by infection) or ‘artificially through deliberate action such as vaccination).

        Adaptive immunity can also be classified as ‘active’ or ‘passive’. Active immunity is acquired through exposure to a pathogen, which triggers the production of antibodies by the immune system. Passive immunity is acquired through the transfer of antibodies or activated T-cells derived from an immune host either artificially or through the placenta; it is short-lived, requiring booster doses for continued immunity.

       The diagram below summarizes these divisions of immunity. Adaptive immunity recognizes more diverse patterns. Unlike innate immunity, it is associated with the memory of the pathogen.”


 Why vaccination is needed in controlling the spread of Covid 19.

      The immune system is ready to recognize some germs and viruses harmful to the human body but not all.

     SARS-CoV-2 is a new pathogenic virus that the immune system does not yet recognize and thus cannot trigger effective and timely defense, especially in cases of people weakened by other diseases.

      The weapons that the immune system uses in its fight against pathogens are called antibodies and are proteins capable of recognizing and connecting with antigens, which are proteins on the surface of pathogens.

       Once attached to antigens, the antibodies will give signals to all elements of the immune system for an organized, powerful attack that will be able to stop the development of serious forms of the disease.

      The major role of vaccination is to create antibodies that help the immune system in the early identification of Covid 19 as a pathogen and trigger the immune response.

A strong immune system reliably aids in overcoming the infection with Covid 19 and beyond

       We all need to know that a strong immune system will not be able to stop us from being infected with this virus but it will certainly help us to overcome it more easily.

       That is why it is very important for each of us to respect all the measures of hygiene and social distancing imposed by the authorities and at the same time to do everything possible to maintain and improve the immune system.

Strategies we can use to improve the immune system.

         Maintaining a strong immune system requires a holistic approach

         1. A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating, good sleep hygiene.

         2.Use dietary supplements with your doctor’s consent. These should include vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Zinc, selenium, probiotics, and digestive enzymes can be very helpful in maintaining a strong immune system. Even if the consumption of coenzyme Q 10, Resveratrol, algae, namely fungi, are not yet sufficiently studied, they show impressive results in maintaining a functional immune system

          3.Reducing stress through a balance of time dedicated to work, family, and yourself. Avoiding conflict situations can be of major importance in controlling stress.

          4.Reconciliation with yourself, others, and the divinity (whatever it is for you) is part of a healthy lifestyle and strengthens the immune system.


We are here trying together to find the best way in the journey for - recovering from illness - living with a diagnostic -avoiding the infirmity and weakness

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