Foods to enjoy, foods to avoid for cancer patients

Foods to enjoy, foods to avoid for cancer patients

 Eating healthy during cancer treatment

 When the treatment starts, the body pass through challenging times. That why it is needed to stay strong and well-nourished. It is important to include the right amounts from all nutrients.

  At the same time, it is important not to try to change dramatically your eating habits as doing so could add more stress for you. Slowly reshape your diet. Small steps are indicated in reaching

the desired diet.


   Fibres it suppose to be the base of the diet of any meal, for everybody .

   Carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, brussels sprouts, kale, turnip, endive, eggplants, courgettes, asparagus, celeriac, leek, green bean are just a few from @ 20 000 eatable vegetables growing around the world. It is a large selection to choose from and most of them are healthy options

  Use them daily in salads, soups, casserole, mash according to your taste and preference. Fresh or frozen are the types which keep the most nutrients.


Carbohydrates are the ones that our body uses first for energy. The first choice should be fruits starting from oranges and all the other of citrus, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, forest fruits, banana, and any other fruits.

  The fruits are the first source for natural vitamins good to be consumed fresh, in smoothies or juices, canned, or cooked.

   The next important source of carbohydrates

are the whole grain breads, pasta and crackers.

  Other important sources of carbs to be used are rice, potatoes, beans, and dairy products.

   Chose the low fat version of dairy and avoid deep fry chips.


  During aggressive cancer treatments many-body tissues are destroyed and protein help in the reconstruction of them. That why it is so important to add protein in the diet during and after treatments.

  Choose from fish, egg, poultry, tofu, Quorn, soya, seafood, leans meats, beans, lentils, chickpeas or other pulses, milk, yogurt, cheese.

  It is important to pay attention to the cooking procedure as in general the meats need to reach a certain temperature to be safe but also very high cooking temperature may create carcinogenic derivate called heterocycles amines.


    In general fats play an important role in nutrition and is even more important if is necessary to gain weight.

   Add in your diet sources of fat like avocado, fish, nuts, and nuts butter, seafood, olive, olive and canola oils, sunflower, flaxseeds oil.

  Limited amounts of butter, cheese, and other dairy products can also be used as sources of fats.

  Excess calories

 On a regular basis, we all know it is good to avoid excess calories diets but is desirable for the patients who experience weight loss. Eat small, reach portions of food as often as you can, and drink enough liquids to stay hydrated.

  Foods to be avoided

  There are some foods which cancer patients should avoid or reduce the amounts.

    Deep fry of any types are the first on this list.

    Baked, grilled, barbecued meats on high temperature are on the no, no list as they can contain carcinogenic byproducts.

    Excessive salt and sugary foods are also not a good choice.

     It is also recommended to give up preserved food that contains nitrites like pickles, jams, dry-cured meats.

Food safety rules.

 Before during and after cancer treatments many patients have their immune system weak so they are exposed to foodborne illness and food poisoning.

  It is important to avoid undercooked foods, raw unpasteurized milk, and milk products,

smoked fish, row eggs, row fish and seafood, high mercury contains fish.

  Wash always well all the fruits and vegetables and respect the safety rules when refrigerate and reheat foods.  


We are here trying together to find the best way in the journey for - recovering from illness - living with a diagnostic -avoiding the infirmity and weakness

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