12 benefits of B vitamins

What are the vitamins B?

Vitamins B is a group of water-soluble substances that play a major role in cellular metabolism like a co-enzyme for different processes or being part of a process for producing necessary co-enzymes.

25 different substances have been referred to as B vitamins but only 8 of them are recognized to be essential for human body functionality:

B1 or thiamine

B2 or riboflavin

B3 or niacin

B5 or pantothenic acid

B6 or pyridoxine

B7 or biotin

B9 or folate

B12 or cobalamin

See the list of B vitamins with each of their implication in human body function:

From where the human body take B vitamins?

The main source of this important group of vitamins is foods particular in meats like- fish, turkey, beef, pork, and organs.

Vegetables, leafy greens, avocado, mushrooms and pulses are also good sources.

Milk, cheese, yogurts, bread, and cereals can be found in versions enriched and fortified with B vitamins. For the majority of healthy persons, a completely healthy diet should suffice in providing the right amounts of B vitamins for optimal body functions.

What are the benefits of B vitamins?

1.Increasing the energy level.

2.Supporting the growth of red blood cells.

3.Helping the function of brain and the entire nervous system

4.Assisting in metabolism of lipids, protein and carbohydrates.

5.Helping in hormones and cholesterol balance.

6.Involve in healthy appetite and good digestion.

7.Supporting the cardiovascular system

8.Maintaining the health cells in eyes, skins, hair and nails tissues.

9.Helping in good muscle tone.

10.Aide in cell division and growth in infancy and pregnancy.

11.Help in controlling physical and psychological Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms.

12.Help immune system

What groups of persons may need B vitamins supplementation?

Vegans and vegetarians:

B12 existent in vegetables can’t be used by the human body but are active for bacteria. This fact raises concerns regarding vegan and vegetarian diets where might be necessary to add dietary B12 supplements.

Pregnant women

Before and during pregnancy supplementation with B vitamins is desirable for reducing the risk of births defects in brain and spinal cord according to Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. B vitamins also help in avoiding pregnancy loss as well as low birth weight, fetal abnormalities and reducing high blood pressure.

People with medical conditions:



-Alzheimer’s disease

-malabsorption conditions: coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS

-heart disease

-kidney disease



-autoimmune conditions : lupus, rheumatoid arthritis

Older person, over 65

This group of people may experience a low level of absorption from food while proved that B vitamins slow brain aging as well as decreasing depression symptoms.

Sides effects, interactions and risk of overdose.

Group B vitamins are water-soluble, so the body excretes the surplus through the urine most of the time. Standard dosage won’t cause harm but asking your general practitioner doctor about taking any supplements is always advisable.

According to: healthline.com

For women and men, the recommended daily intake (RDI) for B vitamins are as follows:

B1 (Thiamine)1.1 mg1.2 mg
B2 (Riboflavin)1.1 mg1.3 mg
B3 (Niacin)14 mg16 mg
B5 (Pantothenic acid)5 mg (RDI not established; Adequate Intake, or AI, provided)5 mg (AI)
B6 (Pyridoxine)1.3 mg1.3 mg
B7 (Biotin)30 mcg (AI)30 mcg (AI)
B9 (Folate)400 mcg400 mcg
B12 (Cobalamin)2.4 mcg2.4

Excessively high dose of B vitamins could have unwanted side effects like

-high blood sugars

-low blood pressure



-liver damages



-increasing bleeding

Certain drugs and medication used to treat conditions like cancer, blood pressure, epilepsy, tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis, ulcer, diabetes, etc could create low levels of some of the B vitamins.

Bottom line

For people of certain age or the one with medical condition supplementation of B vitamins is necessary.

Even for a healthy person B vitamin supplements could help in increasing energy, improving cognitive performance, coping with stress and anxiety, or avoiding depressions.

While side effects on the recommended dosage is unlikely, if you are not sure, always speak with your doctor.


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