Nettles to increase immunity and improve health.

Welcome spring with the seasonal wild healthy food options.

  Over time in its development as a species, human has learned to eat healthily with existing plants each season. Over the centuries they use nettles to increase immunity and improve health.

      Spring is coming with a lot of offers from this point of view and each of us should try to benefit from them. Supermarkets abound in salads, green onions, spinach, radishes, and many other greens.

      But there are other options, less visible in supermarkets, which offer an incredible nutritional value for the health of the human body. Wild plants grow in abundance around homes or in forests, are easy to pick and cook, immediately to keep as many of the nutritional qualities as possible.    

      Here are just a few: nettle, chives, dandelion, rush shoots, hop tips, daisies, and today we talk about nettles.

Nettle, present as food, medicine, textile raw material in all parts of the globe.

     Originally from Europe, nettle is now present everywhere due to its nutritional and medicinal qualities.

     The perennial plant with six different subspecies is now present everywhere in inhabited areas and has a long history, being used by almost all peoples.

     It grows from late February to late October in shady, fertile lands around homes or forests.

Health benefits of nettles.

     Nettle contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and chlorophyll that make it an important aid in increasing the body’s immunity.

     The general tonic effect of nettle on the human body is internationally recognized

      Nettle also treat different illnesses.

    1. Nettle, like tincture, is a very old remedy for allergies including Hay Fever.

    2.Stingings nettle is used in different parts of a globe for treating arthritis pain and inflammations.

Germans believe that nettle can inhibit the cascade of inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    3. Eczema and other dermatological problem can be cured using intern and extern nettle tincture.

    4. Anemia has been treated since ancient times with nettles that have a high iron content.

    5.Nettle in form of tea or infusion stimulate blood circulation.

    6.Nettle tea is indicated for patients suffering from heart failure

    7.Consumption of nettles stimulates the production of nitrogen which helps to dilate blood vessels and thus normalizes blood pressure

    8.  Gynaecological problems such as menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding are remedied by nettle treatments.

    9.Nettle also has beneficial effects in respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis

   10.Nettle tea, infusion, and tincture help in cases of enlarged spleen and lymphatic system problems.

   11.Nettle helps the passage of uric acid from the tissues into the blood thus helping to eliminate it and helps treat kidney, prostate, and bladder diseases.

   12.Nettle is a good anti-inflammatory of the digestive system and fights intestinal worms.

Nettle to increase immunity and improve health, as food

    We can also benefit from the qualities of nettles by introducing them to the diet as part of a balanced menu, cheap and accessible to all.

   In terms of nutritional value, 100 grams of nettles contain:
Folic acid – 14 mcg
Calories – 42 kcal
Vitamin A – 2011 IU
Vitamin B – 0.103 mg
Vitamin K – 498.6 mcg
Fiber – 6.9 g
Calcium – 481 mg
Iron – 1.64 mg
Magnesium – 57 mg
Phosphorus – 71 mg
Zinc – 0.34 mg
Potassium – 334 mg
Protein – 2.71 mg

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    With the exception of raw salads, nettles can be cooked in various ways from soups, main courses, and even desserts.

     Below are some recipes to introduce nettles in a pleasant way in the diet.

Favourite Nettle Recipes

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In general, dried and cooked nettles can be eaten without side effects. Greater care must be taken when using raw nettles because they can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is also not recommended to consume large amounts of nettles in pregnant women.

Bottom line

    Nettle is a treasure of nature that used judiciously can maintain good health, can increase immunity

, and can help in the treatment of certain diseases.
   A versatile plant that can be used as food, drink, or medicine is available to everyone.
   Always consult your doctor before using natural remedies.


We are here trying together to find the best way in the journey for - recovering from illness - living with a diagnostic -avoiding the infirmity and weakness

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