Have we the power to change our medical destiny?

About body and genetic inheritance.

    We are used to the fact that we are more or less like our parents or grandparent. This due to genetics inheritance.

    Genetic inheritance shows how genetic information is passed by a generation to another.

    We get from our predecessors not just the physical appearance but also the more complex characteristic related to body functionality. That why we have a predisposition to certain ills regarding the possible mutation to genetic material from our ancestors.

    About gene, genomes and genetic information

    DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic code and is part of each cell in the body.                                

     A gene is a segment of DNA that provides the cell with instructions for making a specific protein, which then carries out a particular function in your body.

     The sum of an organism’s DNA is called genome and is the carrier of all information needed for the organism to develop and function.

  Human body uniqueness

    Each body contains a copy of the biological mother genome and a copy of the biological father genomes. Some of the traits of each individual are controlled about a single gene but some of them are affected by multiple genes and that why each body is unique.

    99.9% of human DNA has the same genes arranged in the same order but the 0.01% is enough to change the shape, quantity, where, and how a protein is made.

     This protein individualizes some of the body traits and also influences the risk of developing diseases and the response to medication.

 Interaction of body with environmental factors

    Each human body in its own uniqueness reacts in its own way exposed to the lifestyle and environmental factors.

     We have seen so many cases of persons which have a very healthy lifestyle and end up having very serious medical issues as well as many other which doesn’t pay much attention to diet or physical activities and still leave a long and healthy life.

    Treating this group like the exception that straightens the rule it is to be said that for the vast majority of the human population lifestyle and the environment has major impact on development and health.

    The way we lives defines how our genetic inheritance work.

Medical family tree and his importance

    Medical family history also calls a medical family tree is a record of illnesses and the medical condition of previous generations. It can be useful to:

  •  assess the risk to develop certain diseases.
  • the risk to pass a medical condition to the next generation even is not present  at the actual one
  • identifying condition which wouldn’t be taken into account otherwise
  • spot necessity to get a specific genetic test
  • undertaken treatment or change the habits and lifestyle to prevent possible illnesses

   The ideal would be the medical family tree to include at least 3 generations including parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins.

  Mayo clinic recommend trying to compile the following information:

  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental health conditions, including alcoholism or other substance abuse
  • Pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defects or infertility
  • Age when each condition was diagnosed
  • Lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise and tobacco use
  • For deceased relatives, age at the time of death and cause of death

A medical practitioner should review and interpret the data to get a full understanding of it

 Importance of medical diaries

    Medical diaries are a way of collecting health information, a record of a person’s health kept by himself.

    Along his life, a person could change the general practitioner doctor several times Could attend different clinics and take different treatments or procedures and investigations in many places.

    All of them have their own records but is not always possible to transfer them in the same place.

     Having a medical diaries could compensate this and help in many other situation.

     Basic information to include should be as follow:

  • Your name, birth date, blood type, and emergency contact information
  • Date of last physical
  • Dates and results of tests and screenings
  • Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates
  • A list of your medicines and supplements, the dosages, and how long you’ve taken them
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic diseases
  • Any history of illnesses in your family

From <https://medlineplus.gov/personalhealthrecords.html>

    More complete is that journal more useful can be for doctors next generation of the family, researches.

    Being able to identify when the first symptom of an ill appear can tell a lot about the age of a medical condition.

     So is probably a good idea to mention even a migraine, a change in bowel habits, a lack of rest as well as any type of pain duration, intensity, and painkiller to which react.

    Any changes at the skin and nails levels would be great to be mention.

 A new era in treatments open by genomes research.

    First genetics and later genomes are the two branches of researches in the characteristic of leaving organisms which opens a new and very promising era for the treatment of many medical conditions with more individualized treatment.

    The rare diseases are now understood and many types of cancer get appropriate treatment.

    The future look promising in controlling many of the medical condition and this make us say:

     Yes, we have the power to change our medical destiny!  


We are here trying together to find the best way in the journey for - recovering from illness - living with a diagnostic -avoiding the infirmity and weakness

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